About Us

Matt and Kim started their adventure as a couple in the early part of 2020.  They very quickly realized that they had a lot in common from tastes in food to fishing and everything outdoors.  Kim had never iced fished in her life until February 2020 and instantly fell in love with her new findings on the ice in North Dakota.   Matt on the other hand has been hitting the ice for the last 33 years.  He was very excited to see just how much Kim enjoyed it and the next thing they new date nights and long weekends were spent out on the lake!   The couple made ice fishing a priority for their free time that winter finding out new things every time they got out together.  When ice went out they had to find new things to pass the time. The couple was  not afraid to tackle small projects from house remodels to back yard clean ups. Working as a team they have been able to do everything they had put in front of themselves.  They even picked  up and moved a  grain bin into town for a back yard get away that has "bin"  the talk of the town.  Once the couple could get the boat out they picked right up were they left off, on the water with family and friends sharing their passion for the great out doors.  Which made sense for Matt to pop the question August 6 2020 out on the boat fishing!  Late October 2020 the couple had the unbelievable opportunity to purchase the very well known Bison Lodge, a motel with hunters lodge and rv park in town. This gave them the the opportunity to roll everything they love into one forever project.  The couple now owns and operates K&M Bison Lodge & Outfitters LLC.  A family owned and operated motel/hunters lodge and fishing guide service with the hopes of being able to share their passion with everyone that walks threw their door.


K&M Bison Lodge & Outfitters LLC

Our goal is to help you and your family or friends create  long lasting memories while having the best experience on your next visit, fishing trip, or  hunting trip in North Dakota. Our family-oriented lodge and guiding business will offer you a comfortable lodge or room, safe fishing experience and lots of fun for all in one location.